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Healthy Living: My Experience With A Health Coach

October 5, 2017
Healthy Living: My Experience With A Health Coach

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you

Joyce Meyer

Being in your 20s isn’t always easy. You’re juggling a job, attempting to career plan, building relationships, and getting things done on the to-do list. It can ALL be overwhelming and complicated sometimes. We all want to be the best worker, the best friend, the best sister… just the best we can be.

A couple of weeks ago, a gloom of anxiety and disorganization was starting to fall on me. I was starting to feel overwhelmed all the time which led me to experience an overall lack in productivity. What was wrong?  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was the problem.

Fortunately for me, I met someone who was able to help me cut through my clutter of thoughts and procrastination. I met health coach Isaly Acevedo. I was able to tap into her passion to help women slay their health and wellness goals to become their best selves.

Clarity Session

Isaly offered me a “Clarity Session” – a 45 minute session where you both discuss your health and wellness goals. When it came to the session, I was at first a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. I completed a Women’s Health History form prior to the session which asked me questions about my daily life and eating habits. At the session, she asked questions that made me take a moment to think, such as: When was the last time I felt balanced in life? What were my main priorities in life? When was my last aha moment? In what moment did I realize my normal routine had to change?


My Takeaways

To my surprise, the clarity session was the wake-up call and kick I needed. Throughout the session, I was taking a step back from my current worries and to-do checklist and taking a closer look at how I handled my life. I reflected on how I reacted to feeling overwhelmed and what could I be doing to feel better.

Isaly helped me concretely lay out my goals, which were:

  • Planning my meals more consistently
  • Cultivating healthy, positive relationships
  • Prioritizing myself and overall wellness

Not only did she help me identify what I could be doing now, but also pointed out how I motivate myself. When the session ended, I felt empowered and grateful to be reminded that I am capable of achieving my goals. I felt a weight off my shoulders just by having Isaly give me focus and steps on setting my goals. It feels good when you have someone on your side wanting to see you succeed.


Interested in a Health Coach?

If you’re looking to achieve your health and wellness goals this year or in the upcoming year, seriously consider hiring a health coach. Many times, my goals end up on the back burner when new projects come up and other responsibilities start piling up. Having someone remind you and work with you to achieve your goals can be the push you need. From only one session, I left feeling empowered and motivated.

Luckily, Isaly offers a complimentary clarity session, so you can discover if a health coach is a good fit in your life. The ideas and skills you gain can well endure beyond the session and make a meaningful impact on your life. It’s not about finding yourself but creating yourself.

More About Isaly

isaly marie living

Health Coach Isaly Marie Acevedo

Isaly focuses on women who are single, career-focused, and in their mid 20s to late-thirties.

Her coaching package includes:

3 Months

  • 2 sessions (60 mins each) / month
  • Detailed recommendations and full set of notes
  • Monthly workshops/webinars and workbook
  • Customized worksheets and resources for your wellness goals
  • Variety of handouts and other educational tools
  • Unlimited email support

For a limited time she will be offering her package for $450 / 3 Months. Beginning in November, her package price will increase to $1,200 / 3 months.

Learn more: https://www.isalymarieliving.com/

View Testimonials: https://www.isalymarieliving.com/client-love/

If you’re feeling lost on your wellness goals and clouded by confusion on what to do next, I strongly urge you to schedule your complimentary clarity session. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Be sure to let her know, I sent you 🙂

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