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Trend: Ruffle Sleeve Sweaters

January 3, 2018

ruffled sweater

Hello lovelies!

I want to start off by saying so sorry for being MIA lately. I believe my last post was about 3 weeks ago. With the past holiday season, I was caught up in festive activities and celebrating with family and friends that were in town visiting. All the extra excitement derailed me from my usual posts.

Today’s Outfit & Style

Today, I’m sharing this pink ruffle sleeve sweater.  I love how the ruffle sleeves create drama that’s both feminine and fashion-forward. Take your sweater style to the next level with a ruffle-sleeve version. Easily paired with jeans and basically any bottoms, these sweaters will be your next go-to.  I know a few people say not to wear white jeans after Memorial Day but I do like to avoid the usual dark winter clothing sometimes. Plus, I do love the tan boot and white jean combo.  Take a look at my top picks and add one of these cozy sweaters to your wardrobe 🙂



ruffled sweater

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