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How to Style A Fringe Skirt for Winter

January 7, 2018


Fringe. Fringe. Fringe. Fringe has been a trend in the spring, so why not bring it to the cold season? Recently, I came across this fringe skirt and fell in love.  Overall, skirts are a great way to dress up a look. But a fringe skirt adds an extra layer of visual interest and texture which in turn looks very fashion forward. Lately, its been COLD — temperatures below 20 degrees. Wearing a skirt in the winter seems to defy common sense. As a result, learning how to wear one and look chic instead of freezing cold gives an edgy twist to your style.

My LA cousin came for a visit and we dined at the highly recognized MingHin Cuisine Restaurant in Chinatown. Despite the cold, I pulled off wearing the fringe skirt. Here are a few tips to style your fringe skirt for the winter: 

  1. Wear a fitted top. Because the skirt already creates body and bulk with all the fringe, try wearing a long-sleeve fitted top such as a wool or knitted sweater.
  2. Layer your clothing. Wear an outer layer that falls below the waist to trap body heat such as a wool long cardigan. In my case, I chose a blush pink, knitted sweater coat. And yes, I did wear a heavy winter coat over it all. All the layers kept me warm and cozy.
  3. Protect your legs. Now is the time to wear those opaque nylon tights or those over the knee boots. For those extremely cold days, try these fleece-lined tights with a pair of boots.
  4. Draw the eyes upward. Naturally, a fringe skirt draws the eyes down. Draw the eyes upward by adding a pair of statement earrings or a necklace which will balance the look out.




fringe skirt


Beautiful Artwork at the Restaurant

Loving all these chandeliers

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you found some inspiration in today’s look.

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